Drone crosses over airplane in Istanbul

The flying of remote-controlled mini-helicopters, known as drone, are ongoing despite all the warnings at the air routes of airplanes in Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

Recently, a pilot reported that a drone crossed over the plane at one thousand feet distance before landing. For a short while ago, the banners, written ‘flying drones are forbidden’ in English and Turkish, were put at wire fences in Ataturk Airport but even this precaution could not solve the issue. Despite all the news, bans and warning signboards, the people, who fly drones, endanger the air traffic.

Following are the dialogues between the air traffic control center personnel and the pilot:

Pilot: a drone crossed over us at one thousand feet

Tower: one thousand feet? Is it true, sir?

Pilot: yes, a device, controlled from the ground

Tower: ok, I am reporting it, immediately.

Previously, a case was filed against a man, with the reason of flying remote-controlled air vehicle and endangering air traffic security allegations at the request of one up to six years jail sentence.