Documentary to save Lake Burdur to be shown in Ankara

and”GandOle Yas Songs for the Lake,and” a documentary feature that has been in the making since 2013, is set to have its premiere this week in Ankara, news agencies reported Monday.
and”Songs for the Lake,and” about Lake Burdur in southwestern Turkey, is part of what is billed by its makers as a multi-layered project, created to raise awareness of and urge the government and people to take action against the drying up of the lake.
The documentary will be unveiled to the public at a Thursday evening screening at the CerModern museum, the Cihan news agency reported.
It was directed by M. iafak Tandurkel, a native of Burdur who left the city 15 years ago to study filmmaking.
The 80-minute documentary, in Turkish with subtitles in English, includes songs of lament from Burdur and its surrounding cities and features a performance by famed dancer-choreographer Ziya Azazi.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman