Doctor forgets surgical bandage in Turkish woman’s body while giving birth

OSMANIYE: Doctors determined surgical bandage which was forgotten by the medical staff in the body of a woman who gave birth four months ago in Turkish southern province of Osmaniye on Tuesday.

Reportedly, Derya Orsdemir gave birth at the Osmaniye State Hospital on Nov. 3. Complaining about pain in her stomach, Orsdemir went to the hospital. However, doctors could not find anything serious on ultrasound results. When the pain of the woman did not disappear, she went to the same hospital with his husband Abdullah Orsdemir and underwent a cholecystectomy.

After the surgery, Orsdemir family went to another hospital since she was still suffering from pain in her stomach. After tomography results, doctors determined a bulk in Orsdemir’s body, which turned out to be a surgical bandage forgotten by doctor during delivery four months ago. As intestines of the woman were damaged, doctor had to cut some parts of the intestines in a surgery.

Speaking to Cihan news agency, Abdullah Orsdemir stated that they were shocked by the negligence of the medical staff, which led a permanent damage in his wife’s body and he will file criminal complaint against hospital and doctor.