DJV head: Turkey should stop filing ridiculous cases against journalists, publishers

Frank anduberall, head of the German Journalists Association (DJV), has condemned the oppression of critical media organizations and publishing houses in Turkey, saying that the government should stop filing ridiculous cases against them.
The head of the DJV, an association with nearly 35,000 members, harshly criticized President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) for carrying out a witch hunt against media groups and publishing houses that are critical of them.
Referring to an incident where journalists were accused of being terrorist members, anduberall said: and”Erdoganand’s blood feud [against those who are critical of the government] continues after the AK Partyand’s election victory. Turkey [the AK Party government] should stop filing ridiculous cases against journalists and publishers immediately.and”
anduberall added: and”Today, journalists [in Turkey] are hunted like terrorists and they appear in court because they fulfil their obligation to cover pieces that are critical [of the government]. This is a violation of freedom of thought.and”
anduberall regarded the Turkish governmentand’s move to not grant accreditation to critical Turkish media outlets — including the Zaman, SandOzcandu and Todayand’s Zaman dailies — to cover the recent G-20 summit of world leaders in Antalya as a crackdown on the media. and”Itand’s unacceptable for democratic leaders to smile in front of the cameras with Erdogan while critical journalists in Turkey are followed, oppressed and intimidated.and”
Critical publications such as Zaman, Todayand’s Zaman, SandOzcandu, Taraf and Bugandun have been targeted by Erdogan and the AK Party government and have also become victims of the accreditation ban after covering a corruption scandal that implicated Erdoganand’s family, including his son Bilal, and other senior government officials was made public on Dec. 17, 2013.


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