Diyarbakır Bar Association: No suspect in sight in Elci killing probe

Elci, who had been president of the Diyarbakır Bar Association, was killed on Nov. 28 shortly after he called on Turkish security forces and the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to put an end to clashes for the safety of locals in southeast Turkey.

The vice president of the association, Ahmet Ozmen, said the bullet slug said to be at the scene was found 40 meters away from where Elci was shot. “There is a perception that this is the slug of the bullet that killed our president. This is not true. We find the probability of the discovery of the slug that killed our president highly unlikely.”

Ozmen added that up until now the only thing that had been done regarding the investigation was the taking of six police officers’ statements. “The victim of the case is a world renowned lawyer. This sort of investigation must be undertaken swiftly. The world’s eyes and ears are on this case,” he said.

The examination of the crime scene by the investigation team three days after the incident was aborted after the team was targeted by gunfire.

Ozmen previously stated: “Since the very beginning of the investigation, and despite our repeated requests, the complete file has not been revealed to us. Although there has been no legal decision made, a de facto confidential status has been applied to the case. The parts of the reports and documents of the investigation that have been provided show that it is not being carried out effectively.”