Dismissal of journalists in wake of June 7 elections continues

Three journalists who have started to voice criticism of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) after its failure to retain its parliamentary majority in the election were reportedly fired on Thursday by the Habertandurk news channel, affiliated with the Ciner Media Group, the latest in a series of recent dismissals of journalists working for pro-government media outlets.
According to a report that appeared on the Gerandcek Gandundem website on Thursday, journalists Seda Akbay, Iiil Aandcikkar and Cansin Helvaci, who also worked as the TV stationand’s anchorwomen and who were at one time staunch supporters of the government, were fired by the channel.
Tens of social media users, who have accused the Habertandurk channel of being a toy of the AK Party, attributed the dismissal of the journalists to the result of Sundayand’s election that brought an end to 13 years of single-party government under the AK Party. The party was only able to obtain 259 seats in Parliament, considerably fewer than the 276 needed to continue in power without requiring the support of a coalition partner.
The three journalists are only the latest victims of the June 7 election. Previously, Sevilay Yandukselir, who was a pro-government columnist for the Sabah daily, announced on Twitter on Monday night that she had been fired by the newspaper for openly declaring her election support for the pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP).
Yandukselir said in her tweet that she was fired for supporting the HDPand’s bid to pass the 10 percent election threshold and thereby enter Parliament. and”I want you to know that I am very happy and peaceful. I hope peace will win and Turkey will win,and” she said.
Turkeyand’s pro-Kurdish party managed to pass the election threshold and come first in 16 provinces, allowing it to field 79 deputies in the next Parliament and causing the ruling party to lose the majority it has enjoyed since 2002.
Melih Altinok, a pro-government journalist who interviewed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a few days before the election, is another journalist who lost his job after the election. Altinok announced on his Twitter account on Monday that his program on Show TV had been discontinued by the Ciner Group, which owns the station.