Discontent emerges among Armenians in Hungary

Baku: The National Armenian Self-Governance of Hungary urged Tamas Turdyan, who is representing the Armenian ethnic minority of Hungary in the country’s parliament, to give up his MP’s mandate.

A statement released by the organization says Turdyan deceived the Armenian community about his national origin during the nominations and elections to the Hungarian Parliament and didn’t fulfill his promises about representing the interests of the Armenians in Hungary, Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Hungary told APA.

Though, Turdyan gained a seat at the parliament with the help of the community, he hasn’t been coordinating his activities with the National Armenian Self-Governance of Hungary since starting to work and adequately representing the Armenians in the parliament. Therefore, the organization put forward an ultimatum to Turdyan. If Turdyan doesn’t give up his mandate, the National Armenian Self-Governance of Hungary will use all legitimate means to boycott and protest him.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency