Director of company engaged in facing fire-affected building detained

Baku: A company director has been arrested over the horrific fire that hit a residential building in Baku.

The General Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Interior Ministry have issued a joint statement on the fire that broke out in a residential building in Baku on Tuesday morning.

The statement says:

“A fire erupted in a multi-storey residential building in Azadlig Avenue, Binagadi district, Baku on May 19 at about 11:00 local time. Manpower and fire engines of the State Fire Protection Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations as well as ambulances of the Ministry of Health were immediately deployed to the scene.

The employees of the Interior Ministry’s Quick Police Regiment and police authorities provided the protection of fire scene and free activity of the rescuers.

Thanks to the operative measures, 27 residents of the building were evacuated and 37 were rescued. At about 14:00 local time, the fire was localized, and the nearby buildings were protected from fire. According to preliminary reports, however, the fire, which spread from the façade to all over the building within a short time, has killed 14 people, and 26 others – diagnosed with burn injuries or smoke inhalation – have been hospitalized.

Rescuers are currently working at the scene, checking the apartments one by one.

Officials from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the country’s prosecutor general and the interior minister arrive at the scene.

The Investigation Department on Grave Crimes under the Prosecutor General’s Office has opened criminal cases under the Criminal Code’s articles 225.2 (infringement of fire safety rules, which on imprudence brought to death of a victim or other heavy consequences), 308.2 (abusing official powers), and 314.2 (negligence committed on imprudence and entailed death of the victim or other heavy consequences). An investigative-operation team, comprised of high-experienced investigators of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the ministries of internal affairs and emergency situations, has been created.

Miryusif Mahmudov, the director of Global Construction, a company which has not used its powers although required by service interest and constructed the building’s façade with low-quality cladding materials, has been detained as a suspect.

The investigative and search operations are being carried out under the control of the Azerbaijani president.

Additional information on the investigation will be made public.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency