Died during curfew five people laid to rest in southeastern Turkey

After ending of the curfew, five people, who was died during the curfew, from four different neighborhoods, were laid to rest in the southeastern district of Mardin’s Nusaybin on Thursday.

The funerals of Mehmet Emin Inan ,55, Cudi Teber ,23, Mahsum Akdogan ,19, Fehime Aktı ,59, and 15 year-old boy Hakan Dogan were carried on shoulders to Hacılar graveyard at three-kilometer distance, after the ceremony, which was held in a house, located in Nowruz area in Devrim neighborhood. The woman’s funeral was carried by women. 15-year old boy Dogan’s funeral was also carried by the youngsters.

After the religious funeral ceremony, the dead people were buried at the graveyard. Following the ceremony, the crowded group left from the scene by chanting slogans and ululations.