DHKPC denies DavutoIlu’s accusation group behind HDP attacks

Outlawed leftist group the Revolutionary Peopleand’s Liberation PartyFront (DHKPC) released a statement on their website on Thursday denying their involvement with the recent attacks on the Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) offices in Adana and Mersin, refuting Prime Ministers Ahmet Davutoiluand’s accusation.
Their statement on halkinsesitv-2.blogspot.com, listed as and”Statement No. 449,and” read: and”Our organization has nothing to do with the attacks on the HDP buildings. Until now, there have been 60 attacks against the HDP, whomever committed those attacks is potentially also behind these attacks.and”
The statement went on to say: andquotWe condemn the attacks on the HDP. We hold the ruling Justice and Development Party [AK Party] accountable for the despicable slandering of our organization. They are trying to involve our organization in this attack but they will not be successful. We suggest that the thief and murderer President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his disciple Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu retract their comments.and”
The militant group addressed the prime minister directly, saying: and”Davutoilu, do not confuse us with other organizations, we are not like those others. Immediately correct your lies. We will not allow our organization to be dirtied with your lies and slander.and”
Simultaneous bomb blasts hit HDP offices last Monday in the southern provinces of Adana and Mersin, wounding six people only three weeks ahead of the June 7 parliamentary election.
On Thursday Prime Minister Davutoilu told a crowd during an election rally, andquotA terrorist arrested for [links with] the DHKPC turned out to be the attacker.and”
Shortly before Davutoiluand’s announcement, the Interior Ministry said in a statement that the authorities identified a man believed to be behind the bomb attacks on Monday.
The Interior Ministry said the man, a resident of Adana, had been arrested in 2007 in Ankara for violating the law on demonstrations and damaging public property in the course of andquotparticipation in activities of a banned leftist group,andquot without naming the group. He was also detained in Istanbul in the same year for links with the group, according to the statement.
The ministry said and”meticulous effortsand” were under way to locate and detain the man, who is believed to be behind the attacks in Mersin and Adana. The bombs were placed at the HDP offices a day before they exploded.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman