Detained police officers sent to Metris prison

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- 12 police officers, who were arrested by court decision within the scope of government-backed operations against constables, were taken to the Metris prison on Saturday.

Following the testimonies in Istanbul Justice Palace, the court issued an arrest warrant to 12 more police officers. Reportedly famous police chief ex-head of Istanbul anti-terror department Ali Fuat YIlmazer also among arrested officers.

Meanwhile, the court cited “falsification of documents” for its reason to arrest the twelve officers, although the prosecution accuses the suspects of “espionage.” Other allegations made by the chief prosecutor’s office against the suspects, such as blackmailing, were also not cited by the court.

Sources also noted that none of the police officers were asked any questions about the prosecutor’s publicly expressed claims concerning membership in an illegal organization, or a “parallel structure.”

Most of the police officers detained were involved in the major graft operation of Dec. 17, as well as officers who carried out the Balyoz (Sledgehammer), Ergenekon, Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) and Tawhid-Salam investigations. Tawhid-Salam is an Iran-backed terrorist organization.