Details emerge in murder of Azerbaijani citizens by Armenians in Russia

The identity of 39-year-old Azerbaijani citizen who was killed by Armenians in St. Petersburg, Russia has been established.

According to the Russian Interior Ministry, the killed is Azerbaijani citizen A.S.Muradov (born 1976).

Some details of the murder have emerged. The Russian law enforcement bodies dismissed media reports that the murder was allegedly committed on ethnic grounds.

It was revealed that A.Muradov had shopping facilities in St. Petersburg. He borrowed money from his Armenian friends, but didn’t give back.

After a while, the Armenians demanded him to give the money back. On Sept.14, Muradov met with the Armenians called Arakelyan, Tadevosyan, Babayants and Ordelyan. During the meeting, a dispute arouse between them. The Armenians beat Muradov then put him in the trunk of his Volkswagen car. Later on, Muradov was taken to Krasny Bor settlement, 2 km away from the Moscow highway. After stabbing Muradov 13 times there, the Armenians buried his corpse and then burned the car.

The police was informed about his disappearance by the wife of the dead. The investigation revealed that Muradov didn’t go missing, but was killed. A criminal case has been opened on the fact. Arakelyan and Tadevosyan were sentenced to pre-trial detention, and Babayants and Ordelyan were released on bail.