Deputy PM criticizes ErdoIan’s interference in row over Grmez’s luxury car

Deputy Prime Minister Bandulent Arinandc has criticized President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his recent interference in a controversy over a TL 1 million car purchased for Religious Affairs Directorate President Mehmet GandOrmez, by opposing the top imam returning the car in the face of public reaction and giving him a new car.
Speaking during a live interview on Thursday night, Arinandc said Erdogan should not have been personally involved in the controversy. and”I wish Mr. President had not told GandOrmez that andlsquoI am giving you this car and you will use this just to spite youandrsquo,and” Arinandc said in remarks critical of Erdogan.
Last month, GandOrmez said his office would return a recently purchased official car that sparked controversy after reports showed that it cost TL 1 million. Erdogan, however, at a rally in Belgium lashed out at critics, saying if he had known about GandOrmezand’s plans to return the car, he would have recommended that and”hisand” Religious Affairs Directorate president not do so. and”This post well deserves such a car,and” he added.
Soon after GandOrmezandrsquos decision, Erdogan announced that one of the armored cars serving the Presidency will be given to GandOrmez. and”We, the office of the president, decided to do this — giving something which befits the post of the Religious Affairs Directorate president — as a gesture following the rudeness shown to our Religious Affairs Directorate president,and” Erdogan said. The car initially purchased for GandOrmez was not armored.
During Thursdayandrsquos interview, Arinandc said Erdoganandrsquos decision to allocate a new armored car for GandOrmez was wrong as it put the top imam in a difficult position. He added that GandOrmez should have thanked Erdogan but he should not have accepted the new car. This was not the first time Arinandc, among the co-founders of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) with Erdogan, publicly spoke critical of Erdoganandrsquos actions.
Back in March, Deputy he lambasted President Erdogan, accusing him of acting unconstitutionally by trying to put in place a de facto presidential system that is not defined in the Constitution.
The deputy prime minister also expressed his objections to the andquotTurkish-styleandquot presidential system that President Erdogan is highly in favor of and aims to establish in Turkey, saying that if a presidential system is established, it should be an American-type system because that is the best functioning system in the world.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman