DemirtaI’s impossible dream

DemirtaI’s impossible dream[The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP)] presidential candidate Selahattin DemirtaI recently invited another presidential candidate, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan, to face him in a TV debate. He said, “Two hours one on one, that is all.

” Apparently such a TV debate will not happen. This is because ErdoIan would never attend an impartially moderated TV debate, neither one on one nor together with the two other presidential candidates.

He would not even participate in a question and answer program on his own with reporters unless they were pro-government ones. He will only be seen on TV shows hosted by “well-behaved” journalists asking moderate questions.

Because ErdoIan knows that if he does otherwise, he will have to face difficult questions. He doesn’t want to reply to questions regarding millions of dollars [discussed between two people alleged to be ErdoIan and his son in a phone leak], villas [constructed in a protected area in Urla] whose owners are not clear [alleged to belong to ErdoIan], and ships [alleged to belong his son].

Because if he had clear answers for these questions, he would have already answered them (MEHMET Y YILMAZ, HuRRIYET.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman