“Dede Gorgud” epos published in Polish language

The Azerbaijani embassy in Warsaw has published the Azerbaijani heroic epos “Kitabi-Dede-Gorgud” (“The Book of Dede Gorgud”) from a series of “Azerbaijani epos”, the first written monument of the country, in the Polish language.

Co-production of the embassy of Azerbaijan , the State Committee on Work with Diaspora of Azerbaijan and the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, the edition was sent to the Central and university libraries of Poland.

The Embassy has already published series of books dedicated to the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the culture, art, history, architecture and national cuisine of the country so far.

This heroic epic poem, dated to the 16th century, is an invaluable source uniting the Turkic world.

The book is distinguished for its antiquity and the information it carries about the culture of the Oghuz — a Turkic tribal group who were the ancestors of the Azerbaijanis, Turks, Turkmens, and the Gagauz.

The first manuscript of The Book of Dede Gorgud, consisting of 12 stories (songs), was found in a Dresden library by German orientalist Heinrich Friedrich von Diez, who published a translation of the “Tapagoz” (cyclops), which is a part of the epos in 1815.

The Book of Dede Gorgud is a masterpiece in the world’s treasury of epic poems in terms of its artistic content, its poetic and linguistic features, and for its humanity and humanitarian ideas.

In 2000 Azerbaijan and UNESCO celebrated, the 1,300th anniversary of the epic Azerbaijani legend “Kitabi Dede Qorqud”.