Death toll from bootleg alcohol poisoning rises to 12

The death toll from a case of bootleg alcohol poisoning in Istanbul has now risen to 12, as three people who were being treated in the hospital have died.
The Dogan news agency reported on Thursday that a total of 12 people have died since last Friday due to alcohol poisoning and several are still receiving treatment in hospitals. The police, who were alarmed by suspicious deaths, launched an investigation that led them to an organized group that was producing and distributing the illegal alcohol that caused the poisoning. As a result, 15 suspects were detained.
The police also warned people not to buy the alcohol known as and”Bulgarian rakiand” in the Bayrampaia, Gaziosmanpaia, Baicilar and Fatih districts of Istanbul. The police also said that they are inspecting shops selling alcohol in coordination with the Ministry of Food and Animal Husbandry.
Dogan also reported that the suspects told the police that they had bootlegged alcohol before and no one died.
In the last week, several people with complaints of a severe stomachache, vomiting and a loss of vision were admitted to hospitals. The death toll declared on Wednesday by the authorities stood at nine.