Dawn operation against smugglers in Turkey’s Adana

Special operation police and riot police jointly conducted a dawn operation at 12 houses and 20 workplaces in THE southern province of Adana on Wednesday. A great number of illegal cigarettes, alcohol and stimulants were seized with 20 suspects in dawn operation.

Security directorate of anti-smuggling and organized crime branch units went to a house, located in Gulbahce neighborhood in Seyhan district. Noticeably, there were four security cameras around the house.

Also the security forces entered some of the workplaces in Mısır Bazaar as part of the operations, which were supported by special operation, public security, anti-terror, riot police and security directorate units. Police entered some offices, of which keepers cannot be reached, by cutting their locks with iron cutting tools.

Arresting one man, police seized many illegal cigarettes, alcohol and stimulants in the operation.