Daughter of detained policeman sends back ErdoIan’s letter of appreciation

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- The daughter of the former head of the Istanbul Police Department’s counterterrorism unit, Yurt Atayun, who was detained as part of a pre-dawn operation on Tuesday that led to the massive arrest of more than 100 police officers across Turkey, has sent the letter of appreciation given to Atayun by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan back to the prime minister.

“Let the prime minister send this letter of appreciation to Reza Zarrab,” Elif Atayun, the daughter of the detained officer, said in her comments to journalists on Friday.

A total of 100 high-ranking members of the police force were detained in a large-scale operation which began early Tuesday morning, during sahoor — the pre-dawn meal during Ramadan — in over 20 provinces as part of the government’s attempt to contain a graft scandal which has implicated several ministers and dozens of pro-government businessmen in Turkey. Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab is considered to be a prime suspect in the Dec. 17, 2013 corruption operation. Zarrab is currently on vacation in Bodrum.

Elif Atayun sent the letter of appreciation signed by ErdoIan to the personal secretary of the prime minister from the post office in Istanbul’s Fatih district. In her remarks Atayun said, “This letter of appreciation was given to my dad in 2010 by the prime minister for his service in carrying Turkey toward a more secure future.”

“However, now thieves and terrorists are released and those who seized them are in jail,” Atayun continued, adding that it is because of this reason that they are sending back the letter of appreciation signed by the prime minister. She said that other police families are also determined to do the same. “They will also send the letters of appreciation back to the prime minister,” she said.

Elif Atayun also commented on the service at Fatih post office, criticizing the fact that photojournalists were not allowed to take pictures at the post office even though taking pictures there is not forbidden. “They [the government] have turned the country into such a state that fear dominates even in the post officethe officials of the post office made photojournalists leave.”