Daily life comes to halt in Senegal

DAKAR: At the anniversary of turning back from exile of Touba Sect Founder Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke, lived between the years of 1853-1927, Senegalese people flocked to Touba city, which is accepted the center of sect.

Celebrating the 120th anniversary of Mbacke’s turning from exile around 3 million sect followers nearly brought the daily life to halt as they flock to the Touba city to attend traditional ceremonies.

Touba city, 200 km far away from the Senegalese capital of Dakar, known as holy city for sect followers hosts around 3 million every year. Followers celebrate this important day with ceremonies. Government has declared 3 day-long formal holiday to make people celebrate the event.

With the beginning of the three day long holiday, Dakar turned into a ghost city also streets even in “Soumbedioune”, is a fish market also accepted as economic heartland were nearly deserted. Flocking to the Touba has also caused to have a long tailbacks between the inter-city roads connects Dakar to Touba.

People who did not find vacant place in the buses took to the roads with their horse-drawn vehicles.

After initiating a revolt against colonial French Rule, Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke’ had been sent to exile by France. Soon later turning from the exile, he came to Touba and began to live in there. Since then, Touba is accepted the holy place for the followers of the sect.