Cumhuriyet daily election day edition goes to print under tight police measures

The Cumhuriyet dailyand’s election day edition went to print under tight police precautions on Sunday, after police received a tip on Friday claiming that the dailyand’s headquarters could be attacked by terrorists in the coming days.
The police presence is criticized by some as an act meant to intimidate the daily on the pretext of a threatened attack. Cumhuriyet is known for its critical stance against the interim Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government and the move comes in the wake of the government seizure of the management of ipek Media Group via the appointment of trustees early on Wednesday in an act many have said was unlawful and apparently an attempt to silence independent media outlets.
The police also remain in place in front of the ipek Media Group headquarters, including anti-riot water cannon vehicles, apparently endorsing the seizure and the trusteesand’ decisions to insult and dismiss some employees.
A statement the Cumhuriyet daily posted on its website on Friday said that Istanbul Police Department officials told managers of the daily that they had received a tip that the dailyand’s headquarters in Istanbuland’s iiili district may be attacked, adding that the police have taken security measures inside and outside the Cumhuriyet building. and”This is all we have been told by police officials,and” the daily said.
and”No matter if this tip-off is true or false, we believe that those who planned this will not be able to achieve their goals. If this is a plan to intimidate us, we should remind everyone that the history of this newspaper is itself the history of publishing freely despite such threats and difficulties. Neither our readers nor the public should doubt that we will continue to fulfill this function of objective, fair and true journalism under any circumstances,and” the daily said in its statement.
The tip came amid increasing pressure on media outlets that have been critical of the government ahead of Sundayand’s parliamentary election. The police raid of a media group on Wednesday, based on a court decision to take over its management, was a first in the history of Turkey.
h2 Suspect linked to alleged attack on Cumhuriyet is brother of suspect in Ankara attackh2 In the meantime, Cumhuriyet reported on Saturday that one of two suspects who were detained by the police in Gaziantep on Friday on the suspicion of planning to stage a suicide attack targeting Cumhuriyet is the brother of Mehmet Kader Cebeal. Cebeal is a suspect in the Ankara bomb attack in which 103 people were killed at a peace rally in October. The report also noted that the two suspects were reported to have stayed at a safe house used by the terrorist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
The news report said that police followed a suspicious car in the streets of Gaziantepand’s Gazi Muhtar Paia neighborhood after receiving information about a possible plan for a suicide bombing. After the suspects in the vehicle noticed the police vehicle, one of the suspects got out of the car and threw a hand grenade at the police car but it did not explode. The suspects were then detained, the report stated.
A number of explosives and hand grenades, as well as materials used in bomb attacks were seized during the search of the suspectsand’ car.
It was revealed during police interrogation that one of the suspects seized in Gaziantep is the brother of a suspect linked to the Ankara bombing, according to the report.
A Gaziantep court ruled on Saturday for a gag order about the alleged planned attack on the Cumhuriyet daily. The court said the decision aimed to prevent other members of ISIL who may have links to the cases from fleeing.