Criminal proceedings should not be done in the spirit of revenge

IZMIR (CIHAN)- Joint Presidential Candidate Ekmeleddin IhsanoIlu said that proceedings should not be done in the spirit of revenge.

IhsanoIlu, who is paying a visit to southwestern Turkish province of Izmir as part of his election campaign held a press speech at the garden of Latife HanIm Museum and made some explanation regarding the last operation which was carried out to detain the police, who had carried out graft operation.

In a response a reporter’s question such “Mr IhsanoIlu You emphasized on superiority of law and judicial independence but Turkey witnessed an operation, which was carried out at the shoor time and hundreds of policemen were taken under custody. Could I get your assessments on this operation?” IhsanoIlu said that justice is the foundation of the state if the basement of the state is decay so state will collapse down.

“I learned the operation in the early hours of the day and It made me very sad. Criminal proceeding should not be done in the spirit of revenge. If someone who commits crimes no matter be police, deputy or minister should be judged equally in front of the justice. Since very long time, it has been launched a campaign, which aiming at to defame the some security members, jurists, judges. People witnessing that the citizens, jurists are being charged with an ineffably way. No office can manage to put forward any evidence for them. Some of them, who had been taken under custody with a derogatory way, had been released. Despite everything, we have fair judges. But now many of them are being handcuffed again. All of these applications are so shameful. We have a millennial state. It not suits us. We have not a 90 years old republic. Those who committers will feel repentance and apply to Turkish justice. “There is a very famous proverb such “justice is the foundation of the state. If the basement of the state is decay so, state will collapse down. May God will not give decadence to this state and nation,” added IhsanoIlu.