Court ruling banning 54 jurists from leaving country strongly criticized

An Istanbul-based courtand’s ruling banning 54 prosecutors and judges from leaving the country has been heavily criticized by the 49ers Platform, an organization founded to defend the rights of jurists.
On Tuesday, the BakirkandOy 2nd High Criminal Court banned the jurists — who had been under investigation by the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) in connection with the Iran-backed terrorist organization Tawhid Salam probe that implicated senior officials in the AK Party — from leaving the country.
The jurists are being charged with andquotforming a terrorist group and membership of the organization,andquot andquotmilitary spyingandquot and andquotpolitical espionageandquot for their ruling during the Tawhid Salam investigation.
Issuing a written statement on Wednesday, the platform maintained that the ruling is unlawful and aims to intimidate the jurists.
The platform accused the government of trying to impose pressure on the jurists and interrupting the efforts of the platform, of which the jurists are members, to be an association that is seen as a serious interlocutor by its European counterparts.
andquotThe ban on the jurists aims to cut ties with their European colleagues,andquot the statement continued.