Court rules not to arrest suspects in ErdoIan bugging case

The Ankara 2nd High Criminal Court has decided not to arrest a number of suspects in a case over a bugging device found in then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoganand’s office in 2011.
In an indictment prepared by a prosecutor from the Anti-constitutional Crimes Investigation Bureau at the Ankara Chief Prosecutorand’s Office, the Ankara 2nd High Criminal Court was asked to arrest 11 suspects. The suspects include former Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TanduBiTAK) Vice President Hasan Palaz and the former head of the intelligence department of the National Police Department, Police Chief andOmer Altiparmak.
However, the Ankara 2nd High Criminal Court only issued a detention warrant for police officers Ali andOzDogan, Enes andciici and Serhat Demir, and Hasan Akin, a former official at the Turkish Embassy in Washington.
In the indictment, Palaz and two other suspects, Ali andOzDogan and Sedat Zavar, were accused of heading a terrorist organization.
In a separate case also concerning the bugging device found in Erdoganand’s office, on June 25 the Ankara 7th High Criminal Court acquitted Palaz of charges of political espionage, violating the privacy of interpersonal communication and recording personal conversations without permission. Public Prosecutor Durak andcetin had sought up to 36 years in prison for Palaz and the others, stating that conversations in Erdoganand’s office were illegally monitored.
The indictment in the case is based on newspaper clippings from government dailies, a report by the National Intelligence Organization (MiT), a report by the Prime Ministryand’s Inspection Board and the statements of a secret witness who reportedly works at a company that sells bugging devices. Varank and some MiT officials were involved in a search at Erdoganand’s office, when the bugging device was found.