Court releases Bugun daily reporter detained during police raid

Bugandun daily reporter Kamil Maman, who was beaten by police and then detained during a raid on the ipek Media Group headquarters on Wednesday, was released on Thursday afternoon.
However, the court has issued a and”judicial controland” decision against the reporter.
Maman was beaten and then detained by the police, who used excessive force and tear gas during the raid on the ipek Media Group early on Wednesday. Photos of police holding Maman by his head have circulated on social media and sparked outrage.
Maman was kept in custody at the Istanbul Police Department on charges of and”organizing an unauthorized demonstration and resisting the police.and” He was referred to the court on Thursday. The court decided to release him.
Posting a tweet on Thursday, Mamanand’s lawyer Kadir KandOkten said his client was unlawfully tortured by the police while he was detained on Wednesday.
The police went to the headquarters after the government appointed several trustees to replace the management of ipek Koza Holding, which houses media outlets including Bugandun TV, the flagship station that has emerged as the main platform for opposition politicians over recent months.
Maman was taken by police to a hospital for a medical check-up after he was detained. While being taken to the police station after the health check, he told reporters he was handcuffed from behind like a criminal, adding, and”This is the value given to the media!and”
Apart from Maman, there were four others who were detained during the police intervention on Wednesday morning. Those detainees were kept in custody at the police station until Thursday afternoon. They were also released by the court on the condition of judicial control.
Another journalist, Zaman daily reporter Celal Kaya, and a technician from the Cihan news agency, Handuseyin Arici, were also detained during the raid on Wednesday. However, they were released after being questioned at the police station on Wednesday night.
Police also seized the mobile phone of another Zaman reporter, Metin Ormanci, on the grounds that he does not hold an official press card. During Wednesdayand’s raid police reportedly deleted photos taken by reporters.