Court fails to explain seizure, CEO of targeted holding says

Koza ipek Holding CEO Akin ipek responded to claims made against his company in a detailed, step-by-step statement posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday, emphasizing that the court has failed to adequately explain its reasons for the companyand’s seizure.
One claim against the company listed on the court-appointed specialistand’s report alleged that the company was guilty of major accounting fraud, yet no such discrepancies were ever detailed in the report. Another claim was that the company failed to disclose the full extent of its profits for the purpose of evading taxes, though this was also never substantiated, according to ipek in his series of tweets.
The rcases must be filed against the TV station.
This comes following a similar complaint filed on Nov. 11 by a Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) deputy against a number of people from Akit TV, including Managing Director Ali andOzken and producer and presenter Ahmet Keser.
and”The expression andlsquoTyranny ended in 1938and’ was used by the Akit TV station while covering news of the 77th anniversary of Atatandurkand’s death at 9:10 a.m. on Nov. 10, 2015. The expression contains insults against the personality of Mustafa Kemal Atatandurk, the founder of the Turkish Republic,and” CHP deputy Ali Haydar Hakverdi stated in the complaint submitted to the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office.
On Nov. 10, social media users launched a campaign focusing on Akit TVand’s likening Atatandurk to a tyrant. Social media users reached out to the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTanduK) via its website and telephone complaint line about the insulting statement.
Soon after the complaints, RTanduK fined Akit TV. According to media reports, the council will also cancel the broadcasting license of the TV station of it violates the law again.


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