Court accepts indictment into Dilek Dogan killing

Dilek Dogan who was shot during a police raid, of which authorities said the purpose was to search for a suspected Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C) militant, on Oct. 18 in İstanbul’s fractious Kucukarmutlu neighborhood, died of her wounds at an İstanbul hospital on Sunday evening.

On Friday, a Turkish court has accepted charges made by the prosecutor that police officer Y.M. committed “negligent manslaughter.” The prosecution is demanding Y.M., receive a sentence between 20 and 26 and-a-half years in prison.

A funeral was held for Dogan at the Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association Bogazici Cemevi in İstanbul’s Sarıyer district. She was later placed in the Cemevi’s morgue, from where she will be taken to her native province of Kahramanmaras for burial.