Couple get married on plane wings where they meet a year ago

ISTANBUL: Couple who met on Turkish Airlines Istanbul bound plane from Belgrade tied the knot at 30.000 feet on same journey one year later.

The amazing marriage ceremony was held on May 6, 2015 on board of a Turkish Airlines plane. Vjera Mujović from Belgrade and Stefan Preis from Germany met on board of a plane flying to Ulan Bataar as they were reserved adjoining seats 5-a and 5-c.

As both Vjera and Stefan took a liking to each other, they agreed to get in touch after the flight regardless where they are. By the time the relationship of the couple got serious and they fell in love with each other and they decided to marry at the same place where they met first, on the wings of Turkish Airlines plane over the clouds.

The company also supported young couple’s wish and decorated the plane convenient for the wedding party. After the plane departed, bride and groom moved through the corridor to the seats where they first caught each other’s eyes first a year ago.

After a brief ceremony, Vjera and Stefan tied their knots with the company of marriage officer, family members and friends. One of the most famous Balkan musicians Goran Bregovic also was on board of the plane with the happy couple.