Controversial AK Party deputy mingles with DavutoIlu at event

Interim Prime Minister and Justice and Development Party (AK Party)hairman Ahmet Davutoilu attended a party program with controversial party deputy Abdurrahim Boynukalin, who plotted an attack on a newspaper building last month, also posing for photos with him in a move that sent the impression the party is behind the actions of the disputed figure.
During the event organized by the AK Partyand’s youth branches at the Kocatepe Culture Center in Ankara on Wednesday, Davutoilu also sang his partyand’s election song with Boynukalin.
Boynukalin is currently a deputy but has not been fielded as a candidate by his party for the Nov. 1 general election. He currently leads the AK Partyand’s youth branches.
Footage showing Boynukalin, who orchestrated and led an attack on the Handurriyet daily on Sept. 6, saying, and”We are to blame for not giving him a beating when we should have,and” of Handurriyet Editor-in-Chief Sedat Ergin was uploaded to social media in the aftermath of the attack.
In the footage, Boynukalin talks about Ergin, who called in to a live program hosted by Ahmet Hakan on CNN Tandurk after the Handurriyet headquarters was attacked for a second time, and says: and”He [Ergin] is sweatingandhellip He has never taken a beating.and”
The deputy also referred directly to Ahmet Hakan, a journalist at Handurriyet, announcing: and”I have had tea with him, he is a coward. I was thinking about going to his house alone today. I would go there and wait [for him to come out].and”
Boynukalin acknowledged that people are angry about his remarks before the attack on Handurriyet, in which he said, and”No matter what comes of the election on Nov. 1, we will make you [President Recep Tayyip Erdogan] president [in a presidential system].and”
When asked whether his party plans to take disciplinary action against Boynukalin over his remarks, Davutoilu said it is impossible for him to approve of such comments, but he believes the deputy did not have bad intentions. and”They were comments made in a friendly environment. I also talked to him. It is not correct to make generalizations from hastily made comments,and” Davutoilu said.
Earlier this week, Boynukalin attended another program of his party in Neviehir, where he vowed to andquotcontinue removing the immunity of the press.andquot
He claimed death threats are made and swear words are used against President Erdogan under the pretext of freedom of the press.
andquotThey say, and’We can make death threats against President Erdogan, who was elected with 52 percent of the vote, we can swear at his wife, children, son-in-law, daughter and everyone but no one can touch us.and’ Why? Because there is freedom of the press. The AK Party units have lifted that immunity. From now on, we will continue to lift it,andquot Boynukalin told his partyand’s young members.
Following the attack on Handurriyet, Ahmet Hakan, the dailyand’s most popular and critical columnist, was assaulted outside his home by assailants.
Four men in a black car followed the journalist home after he finished work on his program andquotTarafsiz BandOlgeandquot (The Neutral Zone) on private broadcaster CNN Tandurk, before assaulting him near his residence in Istanbuland’s Niiantaii neighborhood.
One of the assailants targeted Ahmet Hakanand’s bodyguard while the rest attacked the journalist as he was about to enter his home. Ahmet Hakan suffered multiple fractures to his nose and ribs. His assailants were detained by the police on the same day.
According to news reports, one of the suspects stated during his testimony that and”[The National Intelligence Organization] MiT and the police department are in this job. andlsquoReisand’ is part of it.and” Reis (leader) is used in pro-government circles to refer to President Erdogan.
In the meantime, Handurriyet reported that columnist iandukrandu Kanduandcandukiahin, who witnessed a conversation between Boynukalin and AK Party Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmui, heard Boynukalin telling Kurtulmui he was andquothappy the assailants were the men of [gang leader] Sedat Peker,andquot adding he was actually andquotinterested inandquot the journalist but it was Pekerand’s men who attacked Ahmet Hakan.