Constitutional Court head appears in photo with a terrorist

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Photos in which Salih MirzabeyoIlu, leader of the terrorist Great Eastern Islamic Raiders Front (IBDA-C), appears together with HaIim KIlIç, head of the Constitutional Court, were revealed by Furkan Haber news portal, the T24 news portal reported on Wednesday.

At a time when KIlIç has been strongly criticized by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan due to the top court’s partial annulment of a number of laws recently including lifting of the government-imposed ban on Twitter, the photos in which KIlIç poses with MirzabeyoIlu, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, were published by the news portal.

Huseyin KIlIç, a member of the board of the IsmailaIa Foundation, also appeared in the photos with MirzabeyoIlu and the head of the Constitutional Court. Noting that Saadet UstaosmanoIlu — nephew of Mustafa UstaosmanoIlu, who is the leader of the IsmailaIa religious community — is also a columnist in the news portal, the T24 news portal reported: “Furkan Haber said KIlIç used to be the Ankara representative of the of the Gölge [Shadow] magazine published by members of the IBDA-C.”

KIlIç was criticized by Furkan for allegedly having sold Prime Minister ErdoIan down the river. The report at Furkan reportedly said: “KIlIç, whose latest moves indicate that he is motivated by his professional ambitions, is being criticized by those who know him for having now abandoned the prime minister after having [in the past] abandoned Salih MirzabeyoIlu.”

(CihanToday’s Zaman)