Commander of ship involved in fire-fighting at Azerbaijan’s faulty offshore platform dies

Baku: The commander of the ship “Vikhr-9” of Azerbaijan’s Emergency Situations Ministry which is involved in fire-fighting at SOCAR’s faulty offshore platform has died of a heart failure, the ministry told APA.

According to the ministry, Lieutenant Colonel Vyacheslav Kryuchov, the commander of the firefighter ship “Vikhr-9”, which was the first to arrive at the accident site, had been hospitalized as his condition suddenly deteriorated after bravely participating in fire-fighting at the offshore platform in the most extreme conditions of recent days.

Despite the doctor’s efforts, Vyacheslav Kryuchov died on December 8 of a heart failure in the hospital, said the ministry.

Lieutenant Colonel of internal service Kryuchkov Vyacheslav Sergeyevich was born on 22 March 1970 in Baku. After graduating from Baku Maritime School, he started working at fire protection bodies on 17 September 1991. He has been serving as the commander of the “Vikhr-9” firefighter ship since 10 November 2008. He was known as a professional and selfless serviceman with high level of responsibility. Kryuchov left behind two children.