Coalition partner: ErdoIan and the AKP

The outcome of the June 7 election not only gives the country an opportunity to re-regulate the political scene and rectify diversions from democracy but also entails a coalition or minority government.
Political actors are working diligently to bring a coalition government into existence out of the election results. Everyone who has a say about political developments is voicing his or her preferences. Business clubs like the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmenand’s Association (TanduSiAD) and the Independent Industrialists and Businessmenand’s Association (ManduSiAD) are taking initiatives and bar associations and civil society organizations (CSOs) are presenting their constructive contributions regarding the new period to their addressees. The election outcome has been received largely with happiness.
Of course, there are certain people or groups who are not happy with those results. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who conducted partisan election rallies during the campaigning period, is one of them. Erdoganand’s discontentment with the election results is quite normal because those results undermined his dreams of establishing a one-man despotism disguised as andquotexecutive presidential system.andquot What was not normal was Erdoganand’s partisanship and his attempt to leverage the parliamentary election for his personal ambitions. Because this leverage failed, Erdogan is now working hard to make an early election possible. But he has a very serious problem. The political parties that secured about 60 percent of the seats in Parliament in exclusion of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) are aware of Erdoganand’s sinister plan. They act with obvious determination to force Erdogan to withdraw to his constitutional boundaries.
Erdogan is attempting to market himself as a political actor despite the fact that he has nothing but a symbolic role to play in the political scene under the Constitution and that the post-election environment does not favor his active role. His efforts to steal the show seem to be extremely pathetic and out of place. Having turned an irrelevant election into a vote of confidence over him because of his ambitions, Erdogan was serious defeated and he must realize this defeat. He gambled for very high stakes and must accept that his loss was considerable. If Erdogan persistently maintains his efforts to leverage the political scene, this signifies nothing but the fact that he is extremely detached from reality.
The concrete fact is that the election results have made a coalition government inevitable and Erdogan is not one of the potential coalition partners. Erdogan must realize that he has been removed from the field like an ill-tempered player who deliberately commits fouls. If he refuses to accept this overwhelming election defeat and his pathetic situation and continues to overstep his constitutional boundaries, he must know that he will pay first the political and then the legal price. Voters have endowed the Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP), the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) with great responsibilities and they rightly try to keep Erdogan out of the game. Yet, this strategy is not sufficient. They must also isolate the AKP, which Erdogan uses as a tool to impose a straitjacket on the country. Seeing Erdogan as only one person would be flawed. Indeed, Erdogan is the AKP. And the AKP is Erdogan. This equality holds true both for rewards and sins.
The great disservice done to Turkeyand’s democracy cannot be attributed to Erdogan alone. This gross sin is also the work of the AKP, which submissively agreed to be a tool for Erdoganand’s despotic ambitions. If Turkeyand’s judicial system is today in ruins and the judiciary has emerged as a hatchet man working for Erdogan, then Erdogan is its cause and the AKP is its architect.
All of the actors in the Turkish Republicand’s greatest graft and bribery scandal, which went public on Dec. 17, 2013, are AKP officials, despite the fact that most of them are from Erdoganand’s inner circle. It is the AKP that covered up this historic scandal. After the graft and bribery scandal came to public attention, Erdogan felt the need to transform the bureaucracy and the police into the partyand’s extensions, but it was the AKP that implemented this plan. It was Erdoganand’s desire to control the media outlets or cow dissident ones into submission and confiscate them, but it was the AKP that became instrumental in putting these desires into practice. It is no secret that Erdogan loathes the independent media. But it is the AKP that acts according to this hatred. Erdogan sees social media networks like Twitter as a threat to his despotic dreams, but it is the AKP that strangulates these networks.
Erdogan seeks to establish a one-party regime en route to the implementation of his ambitions for a one-man regime. And that single party is nothing but the AKP. It is Erdoganand’s mentality that organizes the circulation in Turkey of the monies earned through corrupt practices, although those funds are described as and”black moneyand” or and”gray moneyand” by the international financial system. But it is the AKPand’s parliamentary majority that has made this possible. Erdogan may be turning public banks into a hub of such questionable funds and financing his national and regional policies with these illegitimate funds, but it is the AKP that paves the way for this.
It was Erdogan who sought to shut down prep schools without any reasonable justification. It was the AKP that closed them down. It is Erdogan who has set his sight on Turkeyand’s strongest, most democratic and most stable interest-free bank, Bank Asya. It is the AKP that has become a tool for Erdoganand’s hatred. Erdogan treats citizens he doesnand’t like as enemies. But it is the AKP that passes bills that turns these citizens into andquotreasonable suspects.andquot It is Erdogan who seeks to govern the country under an emergency state regime. It is the AKP that makes this possible.
Erdogan takes no notice of domestic and international law in his quest to become the leader of the region, as seen in the case of the Syria-bound trucks full of weapons. But it is the AKP that becomes Erdoganand’s accomplice in every stage of these crimes. The decision to give immunity to those who were used in the acts that violate domestic and international law in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and even in Turkey belongs to Erdogan. But it is the AKP that complied with this decision to vest the National Intelligence Organization (MiT) with extraordinary powers and authorities and give immunity to MiT members, thereby turning the country into a and”Mukhabaratand” state.
Erdogan and his close circles sidelined the Court of Accounts and used public resources to further their personal interests, but it was the AKP that paved the way for this. It is Erdoganand’s mentality that used public resources to establish foundations and channeled public resources and goods to these foundations, but it was the AKP that laid the groundwork for this. The arrogant and crony pro-government businessmen who grew rich with undeserved public contracts are Erdoganand’s men, but they are also supporters of the AKP. Luxury official cars, aircraft, palaces and unrestricted luxury and ostentation are identified with Erdogan and his family, but wastefulness, luxury, pomp and display have become the AKPand’s morality.
The CHP, the MHP and the HDPand’s efforts to banish Erdogan from the political scene and confine him to his constitutional boundaries are admirable. But they could do the same for the AKP as well, because it is Erdoganand’s accomplice. Indeed, any party that will accept the AKP as a coalition member will be an accomplice in the AKPand’s abovementioned crimes and sins. In addition, this would be kiss of life for Erdogan, who has been defeated. A party which will form a coalition government with the party will pay for this dearly.
As I noted before, the votersand’ message is clear: A Turkey without Erdogan and a government without the AKP… This formula is needed in the current circumstances and is politically ideal and extremely doable, if only the popular will, politics and democracy were not overwhelmed by the egos of leaders and political parties.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman