CMO says only one state-registered mosque in Nardaran

Baku: The Caucasian Muslims Office (CMO) has announced its official recognition of only one mosque in the Nardaran township, head of CMO’s organizational department Haji Alirza Gafarov told APA.

He mentioned that only Juma mosque in Nardaran settlement has been registered and CMO has appointed an akhund to it: “Haji Musa Gasimov is the mosque’s akhund”.

According to him, the CMO appointed no akhund to other mosques in the settlement, including Rahima Khanim, Gulam Ali, Kichik and Agha mosques. “Thus, the Office bears no responsibility for the activity of those mosques”, he added.

Mubariz Gurbanli, chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, has previously said that mosques in Nardaran are not state-registered.