CHP to file complaint against ErdoIan’s aisor over media censorship plot

Cumhuriyet daily Editor-in-Chief Can Dandundar and a group of journalists from the daily visited the ipek media groupand’s headquarters on Tuesday to show solidarity against the governmentand’s latest move to seize the group.
A prosecutorand’s note revealed on Monday that a board of trustee will be appointed to replace the existing boards of directors of Koza ipek holding, which owns media outlets that are critical of the government, and companies that belong to it, following a demand by the 5th Ankara Criminal Court of Peace. A statement sent to Bourse Istanbul by the holding on Monday evening said the holding has not been officially notified about the decision yet, adding that the company is following the developments via the Anadolu news agency, which is controlled by the government.
Speaking to reporters after his visit, Dandundar said he and his colleagues from the Cumhuriyet daily visited the ipek media group headquarters to express solidarity with them. He defined the appointment a board of trustees as andquota new stage of pressures against media that has been going for a while.andquot
and”Turkey has been ruled as a dictatorship. There is pressure in every area but we feel [this pressure] mostly on the media. The operation that has taken place today is an important stage of this [pressure]. A step of a government that has become so reckless as to seize a media group and assign a pro-government figure at the top of it,and” Dandundar stated and added: and”We will struggle against this pressure all together. We wonand’t give up. These buildings, TV stations, newspapers are all temporary. We will always b. We wonand’t surrender.and”
Dandundar said the recent act against the critical media is a result of fear and he is content that such fear has been created in government circles. He called on other media outlets to raise their voice against the pressure on ipek Media Group.
and”The thing that make me fearful is the silence against this pressure. Some media outlets are not seeing this and realizing their turn has come. We have passed that point,and” Dandundar said. and”If we are able to stand strong, and show solidarity, a free media will await us in the future,and” he added.