CHP talks foreign policy in 2015

Foreign policy is referred to on page 21 of the Republican Peopleand’s Partyand’s (CHP) election platform for 2015.
The focus for the CHP is not only a general anti-AKP stance, but also the reparation of ties with neighboring countries that were damaged during Justice and Development Party (AKP) rule. In the CHP platform, the AKPand’s foreign policy is characterized as entailing and”dangerous isolationand” and and”peace neither at home nor in the world.and” At the same time, however, the CHP platform does not include any new Turkish foreign policy suggestions of its own. It does insist that foreign policy needs to be built upon and”peace, stability, and not intervening in neighborsand’ domestic affairs.and” The bulk of the CHPand’s notes on foreign policy focus on the EU and Middle East, followed by Russia. Some of the individual countries and regions mentioned by the CHP in its platform include Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, the US, Greece, the Turks of western Thrace, the Caucuses, Central Asia, Cyprus, the Balkans, the continent of Africa, Tunisia, South America and China.
The CHP also promises that Turkeyand’s EU accession process will end with full membership. Its platform touches on topics concerning Turkish citizens living abroad, such as citizenship, military duty, consulate services, blue cards, retirement and border customs points. In the meantime, while certain CHP MPs vocalize criticism for NATO, the partyand’s platform offers up its full support for the organization. It also offers support for a permanent two-state solution to the ongoing Israel-Palestine problem. Further on the topic of Israel, the CHP supports the normalization of relations between Turkey and Israel. When it comes to Syria, the CHP supports talks with both sides in countryand’s civil war and rejects the idea of taking sides with any particular force there. At the same time though, the CHP does not offer any concrete plans as to how the clashes in Syria might be brought to an end.
In the meantime, the CHP underscores its objection to Turkey being labeled by others as a country that supports terrorism in this framework, it does not hesitate to call the non-governmental forces in both Iraq and Syria and”terroristand” organizations. To this end, the CHP platform asserts, and”Terrorist elements that have taken up refuge in Turkey will be cleared out, and Turkish airports and border areas will be prevented from becoming springboards from which terrorists headed for both Iraq and Syria depart.and” Interestingly, while CHP leader Kemal Kiliandcdaroilu has already publicly vowed that if his party comes to power, the Syrian refugees amassed in Turkey now will be sent back to Syria, the CHP election platform says the opposite. When it comes to the controversial topic of Syrian refugees, CHP leader Kiliandcdaroilu actually spouts the same sort of rhetoric heard from neo-Nazi fronts in the EU: provocative, racist and exclusivist. Contrary to this though, the CHP election platform maintains a more democratic stance, noting, and”Our Syrian brothers and sisters who have taken refuge in our country due to the ongoing civil war there will be hosted here in a humane and orderly way.and” Further on the topic of Syria, the CHP platform underscores that all assistance to Syria is to be handed over in a more transparent and controllable way. As for Egypt, there is a focus on how economic, cultural and political relations with that country need to be repaired. When it comes to the topic of Cyprus, the CHPand’s platform says, and”Political equality is to be attained for Turkish and Greek Cypriots, while carefully protecting the rights gained in the past years by the Cypriot Turks.and” In this sense, it is clear that the CHP does not envision any great diversions from the path taken by Turkish state policies towards Cyprus recently. The CHP also addresses Turkish relations with Central Asian republics, noting that there needs to be an increase in economic integration, as well as a reduction in visa and work permit requirements, and in transportation and communication costs between Turkey and this region. The CHP platform this year is notable for the focus it gives to the Northern Caucuses as a region, saying, and”Within the framework of any agreements made with Russia, we will try to develop our economic and cultural relations with Turkish ethnic groups located in the Northern Caucuses area and immigrants from that region living in Turkey.and” In the meantime, the CHP also notes that it does not recognize Russiaand’s annexation of the Crimea and stresses that the rights of the Turkic populations there must be protected.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman