Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics kicks off in Baku

By: Amina Nazarli

The 22nd Baku Championships and Competitions for Various Age Groups in Rhythmic Gymnastics kicked off in Azerbaijan on November 13.

As many as 110 gymnasts, representing Baku Gymnastics School and the Republican Complex Sports School; the Ojag, Neftchi, Spartak, and Start sports clubs; and the Sarhadchi Olympic Sports Center are participating in the tournament.

The first day of the competitions will begin with performances by those in the “youngsters” category, born in 2005-2007. The prize-winners in the all-around competition, which includes rounds without props as well as rounds with a rope, a hoop, and a ball, will be chosen by the end of the day.

Afterward, teams of female athletes performing group exercises in the youngsters category as well as pre-juniors, born in 2003-2004, will join the competitions. The youngsters group will demonstrate exercises without the use of apparatus and with balls, while the pre-juniors will perform with hoops.

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