Census Bureau refuses to register Kurdish child’s name with letter ‘W’

A district branch of the Census Bureau in Turkey’s southeastern province of Diyarbakir on May 6 declined to register a Kurdish child’s name as quotMuhammed Bawerquot because the name has the letter quotW,quot which does not exist in the Turkish alphabet, the Radikal daily reported on Thursday.

Mehmet Hanifi Efe, the father of the child, was disappointed by the Census Bureau’s refusal of his request. However, according to the Radikal report, the Census Bureau posted its written decision not to register the child’s name to the family’s address on Ehmede Xani Street, which includes the letter quotX,quot another letter that does not exist in the Turkish alphabet.

The Census Bureau made the decision based on the Code on Recognition and Practice of Turkish letters. Efe, speaking to Radikal on the issue, said: quotThis is a tragicomic situation. Nobody believes me when I tell them about it. People think that everything is free in this country. They ask me ‘Hasn’t that law changed yet?’quot Efe added that he planned to sue the government.