CEC rejects Musavat Party’s appeal for withdrawal from elections

Baku: The Azerbaijani Central Election Commission considered the appeals regarding parliamentary elections scheduled for Nov.1.

CEC deputy chairman Natig Mammadov said that the authorized representative of Musavat Party Gulagha Aslanli appealed to the CEC regarding party’s withdrawal from the elections.

Musavat party asked the CEC to postpone the elections for four months and instruct precinct election commissions (PEC) about the withdrawal of party’s candidates from the elections.

Mammadov said that Musavat’s proposal for postponing the elections for four months is running contrary to the law.

“There is a right for withdrawal from elections only 10 days before election day, because names of the candidates are entered in ballots within 10 day. Musavat party declared its intention after the period envisaged in the law. On the other hand, the party should withdraw its candidates itself. Therefore, it’s not clear that Musavat Party asked the CEC for assist in withdrawal of its candidates in PECs,” he added.

According to him, all this shows that the party’s appeal was based on the illegal criteria.

Then CEC disapproved the Musavat Party’s appeal and decided to inform the public about the issue.

Musavat Party decided to withdraw from the parliamentary elections on Oct.28.