CEC issues statement on Musavat Party and NIDA Civil Movement’s decision not to participate parliamentary elections

Baku: The Central Election Commission (CEC) has issued a statement on the refusal of the Musavat Party and NIDA Civil Movement to join the parliamentary elections.

The Musavat Party has decided to withdraw its participation in the parliamentary elections and let its registered candidates decide to return or not, the CEC Media and PR department told APA.

The CEC says that in accordance with Article 154.1 of the Election Code a political party in line with its regulations and a bloc of political parties based on the decision of the authorized representatives of the parties it includes has the right to recall a candidate nominated on a single-mandate constituency or a registered candidate at least 10 days prior to the election day. In accordance with Article 99.4 of the Election Code, election bulletins are prepared under the supervision of CEC representatives under the CEC decision at least 10 days prior to the election day.

“The fact that the Musavat Party made such a decision at this time – less than 10 days before the parliamentary elections which will take place on November 1 – means a violation of the Election Code and an attempt to deliberately curb the elections. This step, which serves to confuse the voters in the voting process, manifested itself more clearly with such a statement made by NIDA Civil Movement, which is neither an elective subject nor a participant in the election process nor has the right to have candidates registered. Unfortunately, such negative steps are taken by them constantly,” the CEC said.

The CEC says in the statement the Musavat Party has suggested that the parliamentary elections are postponed for four months.

“However, those who make this suggestion need to know that according to the 2nd part of the Constitution’s Article 84, the parliamentary elections take place every five years on the first Sunday of November, and its postponing for the term suggested and with the bases mentioned are nowhere in the Election Code. This all is indicative of the legal holding of the elections do not correspond to the interests of the Musavat Party and NIDA Civil Movement,” said the CEC.