Caucasian Muslims Office expresses concern over Iraq events

By: Sara Rajabova and Aynur Jafarova

Caucasian Muslims Office has voiced concern over the recent developments in Iraq.

Chairman of the Office, Sheikhulislam Allahshukur Pashazade appealed to the international community to put an end to the unrest in Iraq where a terrorist group overrun some parts of the Arab country since early June and announced a so-called Islamic caliphate there.

“In the name of Allah! We appeal to all people, regardless of their religion, language, race and nationality. All of us are the creations of Allah, and therefore, there should not be anyone among us who denies the idea of brotherhood and friendship, and supports the murderers and rapists shedding human blood. We are immensely concerned about the horrific crimes and murders occurring on the Iraqi territory,” Pashazade said in a message.

He said the events in Iraq are dangerous phenomena calling them extreme provocation against civilizations.

“We believe that they are a provocation aimed not only against Muslims, but also against the whole civilizations, because Islam considers killing of one innocent human as a crime committed against the whole humanity. There is no doubt that the aim of the events is to sow discord in the family of nations, to create a confrontation between the people, and to stoke the fire of intolerance,” Pashazade said.

The terrorist group of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has overrun huge swaths of northern and western Iraq in recent weeks, linking up with territory already under its control in neighboring Syria.

The Sunni extremist group has recently renamed itself the Islamic State and declared its leader “caliph” – the historical title of the successors of the Prophet Mohammad who ruled the whole Muslim world – after its forces captured swathes of territory in a lightning drive across northern Iraq.

Pashazade further noted that The Muslims of the Caucasus and Azerbaijan, as an integral part of the Islamic world, perceive the disrespectful, aggressive attitude to the holy places of their religion with a sense of anger, urging the international community not to remain indifferent to the tragedy taking place in the Middle East for the welfare of the planet, preservation of stability, inter-religious and intra-confessional peace.

“In the past two weeks and after controlling Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul and other cities, ISIL militants have destroyed Shia mosques, temples, graveyards and Christian churches in Mosul and other towns and areas that are under their control. They destroyed two Shia religious sites located in Mosul,” reports say.

ISIL militants have also threatened that they will “ruin” the Kaaba in Mecca after capturing Saudi Arabia because “people worship a stone instead of Allah.”

Pashazade further referred to the blessed month of Ramadan saying, it is very important to establish peace and security in the tense points of the Muslim world – Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine and others, to immediately cease all military operations and terrorist acts, to preserve monuments and places of worship in these territories representing great historical and religious significance.

“The Caucasus Muslims Office, expressing the will of millions of people in the region, appeals to the international community to take all necessary measures to ensure that such events will never happen again in any country of the world, and those who are guilty for the happening events will be identified and brought to the international court,” the message said.

Pashazade believes the danger comes not from the traditional religions and their spiritual values​​, but from those who abuse their foundations and distort their essence.

“Only a decisive will of the people can resist the alien to the true religious ideals. There cannot be well-being in the societies that forfeited the religious tolerance and tolerant attitude between the various denominations of faith, which in turn eliminates their progress and development,” Pashazade said.

He appealed the Muslims to stay faithful to the high moral ideals of Islam.

“We appeal to Muslims, our brothers and sisters, urge them not to succumb to provocations, to remain faithful the high moral ideals of our religion in their actions. All that happens is the result of those forces that seek to divide the Muslim world, continue reigning chaos, ignite interreligious confrontation, and ultimately strike at the Islam. Every sane person, regardless of their religious affiliation is well aware that the provocations taking place is directed to Islam and its sacred values, the ones that commit this evil cannot be Muslims. The fratricide committed on behalf of Islam, under the slogan “God is great” has nothing to do with Islam,” Pashazade said.

Caucasus Muslims Board called on Muslims in the world to be careful, vigilant and do not play into the hands of enemies of Islam to protect their unity from harmful external influence.