Carrying vehicles truck hits bridge as car falls into road

A truck, carrying a damaged lorry and a car, hit the bridge while it was moving on underpass in Ankara.

The car on the truck fell into the road by the effect of the crash. Not any other accident took place since the road was empty.

The accident took place at Karapurcek interchange in Samsun road at around 00:00 a.m. By the effect of the crash, half of the lorry came out of the truck. The driver of the truck, Sabri Goksun, who was rescued from the accident without getting injury, got shocked for a while.

Ambulance and police units were dispatched at scene. As no one was injured, the ambulance turned back to the hospital. Taking security measures, police held the investigation at the scene. Traffic stream was ensured in one line until the removal of the wreckage.