Can someone be fooled this much?

Can someone be fooled this much?In one of his rallies prior to the March 30 local elections, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan explicitly said: “This ‘parallel state’ has fooled us, brothers. We had embraced them [its members].

But they turned out to have been planning to topple our government.” After hearing this remark, I remember myself sneering.

He was claiming that he had been fooled by the [faith-based] Hizmet movement [which is accused by ErdoIan of forming a ‘parallel state’], with which he had a close relationship since 2002, until Dec. 17, 2013 [when a major corruption and bribery scandal implicating the government erupted with a series of police raids].

It turns out that he has been fooled for 12 years. I personally do not like this movement, but we are talking about the head of the government here, not some local government administrator How can a government leader be fooled for 12 years and I not sneer? After Dec.

17, a series of leaked phone conversations raised questions about allegations of corruption and bribery. However, ErdoIan did not clearly say: “Neither I nor my ministers have been involved in graft.

It is all lies.” Instead, he designated it a coup attempt by a “parallel state” and launched a purge in the police force.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman