Cameras caught dog robbers on tape in central Turkey

Robbers made unsuccessfully attempted to steal a sheep dog which was tied in front of a farm in central Turkish province of Eskisehir. Robbing attempt was caught on tape by the cameras.

Incident took place in Adalar neighborhood located in Eskisehir’s Cifter district. Allegedly belonging to the Sevinc Kadak, Member of Survival Protection of Stray Animals Rehabilitation and Education Association, a dog was brought from the scene by two unknown individuals. After the incident, which was totally was caught on by tape, dog was managed to free itself from the hand of the robbers and turned to the farm. After realized the rob attempt, Kadak inspected the security cams and informed the security forces concerning the event.

Security units have started an operation to catch the criminals.

In the video, it is seen that two unknown persons are bringing the dog by holding its chains. Soon after the incident, they are become invisible from the visual angle of the cameras. A short while later dog, which saved itself from the hands of the culprits, arrives to the farm and suspected, who abandon the area also seen again in the video.

Shortly after, the suspected persons can be seen while wandering around the farm and got away from the scene.