CAFER – Why does the AKP continue to sustain this failure?


Why does the AKP continue to sustain this failure?It is rumored that numerous National Intelligence Organization (MIT) agents have infiltrated the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), which is referred to as an urban-centric offshoot of the Kurdistan Workersand#39 Party (PKK). This is not an unfounded claim or speculation.

In the crackdown on the KCK, many defendants told the public prosecutor that they were andquotworking for MITandquot and these statements were confirmed by MIT. In certain attacks by the KCK that claimed peopleand#39s lives, some perpetrators were found to be MIT agents.

It is perfectly natural for a countryand#39s intelligence organization to make its agents infiltrate illegal networks in the country. This is not a problem but the question lingers: What did MIT — and therefore the state — do via these agents? And what was its original intention?That mer Guney, the hitman who was arrested in connection with the killing of three female PKK executives in Paris, was linked to MIT is a secret known to everyone.

Guneyand#39s connections, the correspondence done using paper with MITand#39s letterhead and mysterious visits to Ankara have sufficiently exposed this personand#39s identity. The latest round of disclosures came when Cemil BayIk, a PKK leader, said that MIT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan told him that the murder was committed by a group within MIT, but BayIk did not know who.

How is MIT connected to the Paris killings? Were these women killed with the knowledge and consent of Fidan — and therefore of the state — or without it? Was any investigation conducted into these questions? What are the findings of this investigation, if any? Were the people who masterminded these killings identified? Was any lawsuit brought against them?MITand#39s container trucks that were portrayed as carrying andquothumanitarian aidandquot to Turkmens in Syria were stopped by prosecutors and the trucks were found to be carrying andquotheavy weapons,andquot not humanitarian aid. The weapons in these trucks were recorded in minutes.

But no investigation was launched. Instead, those prosecutors were removed from office.

MIT didnand#39t make any statement about this matter Although then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan and the spokespeople of the ruling party claimed that the trucks were carrying humanitarian aid, this was proven to be untrue. This scandal was covered up with claims about a so-called andldquoparallel stateandrdquo and treason.

This applied to the scandalous voice recording in which Fidan was heard to suggest bombing the Suleyman Iah tomb site — which was later evacuated — last yearIt became public that Germany, the UK and the US had been spying on senior officials in Turkey for many years. Although ErdoIan was very vocal about the so-called andquotand#39parallel structureand#39 wiretapping everyone,andquot he didnand#39t make a single remark about the matter, and the only statement from the ruling party was that all big states spy on each other and this is normal.

The Justice and Development Partyand#39s (AKP) Syria policy has failed. MITand#39s prediction, that andquot[Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad will be overthrown in three to five months,andquot was wrong.

The global powers have changed their positions regarding the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and other dissident groups. A US-led coalition has been established to counter the ISIL threat.

While it was planning to be the andquotbig brotherandquot in the region, Turkey was andquotneutralized.andquotMany more items can be added to this list.

But even as it is, it is enough to give an idea about MITand#39s direct involvement in the ruling partyand#39s domestic and foreign policies. The result: During the time that Fidan — the AKPand#39s favorite bureaucrat — has been in office, Turkey has attained no remarkable success either in political or intelligence-centric respects.

Rather, the failure is so great that no ruling party would be eager to pay any price for it under normal conditions.One may say: andquotWhat about the settlement process? MIT and Fidan are conducting it very successfully and this process is very important.

andquot Even if this is the case, the settlement process should be the stateand#39s decision and should not be dependent on any person — supposing, of course, that we are a democratic state governed by the rule of law and that President ErdoIan does not refuse to accept that there is a Kurdish issue.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman