CAFER – The intelligence agency of the ‘new’ Turkey

The intelligence agency of the ‘new’ TurkeyNothing has been normal for a long time in Turkey. Whenever we draw attention to something abnormal, we get the following response: andldquoThis is the new Turkey you have to get used to it.

andrdquo We have the same response about the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and MIT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan. In other words, we are asked to accept what has been done.

Do the andldquoill-intendedandrdquo opponents make MIT and President Recep Tayyip ErdoIan a matter of discussion for no reason or is this because of something Fidan has actually done? Most recently, he resigned from his office as MIT undersecretary to stand for Parliament on the Justice and Development Party (AKP) list. Then, President ErdoIan underlined that he did not endorse Fidanand#39s resignation.

And subsequently Fidan gave up running for Parliament and he was reappointed as the head of MIT despite the fact that he said he was tired when he quit. If you look at the chorus of pro-government columnists who applauded both his decisions, there is nothing abnormal here.

I would like to state this at the very beginning: MIT is one of the most controversial state institutions. It has cooperated with coup-makers against elected governments in the past.

It is directly or indirectly responsible for organizing a number of bloody provocations. It has been involved in a number of criminal activities.

However, nothing has been done to confront the dark past of MIT in this so-called new Turkey. The only proof of those who argue that MIT was bad in the past but is good at present is the fact that Fidan has close affiliations with the AKP and the blessing of President ErdoIan.

He is also part of the governmentand#39s domestic and foreign policies. Can anyone argue that the political administration has faced and confronted MITand#39s dark past and has initiated a process of dealing with its crimes in this so-called new Turkey? I think this is the criterion for the credibility of the argument that the new MIT is good and different.

Its status as the apparatus of the ruling party cannot be presented as proof.I will not go too far back.

I will not ask about the role of MIT on the bloody day in 1978 when Alevis were massacred. I will not ask about its role in the slaughter of the Alevis in orum shortly before the coup on Sept.

12, 1980. And I will not question the bloody cooperation between MIT and the coup-makers before and after the coup.

And I will not ask about the illegal and bloody means employed to suppress the Kurdish riots in the 1990s and the cooperation with the military in the Feb. 28 [1997] intervention.

I will not ask about the measures taken to confront these sad incidents in which the role of MIT is known by the public because I know what response I will get: andldquoThis is the past we should forget about it. Nothing like this will ever happen in the new Turkey.

andrdquoI will just recall one of the recent incidents that drew attention to MIT and Fidan. On Jan.

9, 2013, Sakine CansIz, Fidan DoIan and Leyla Iaylemez — who were among the founders of the Kurdistan Workersand#39 Party (PKK) branch in Paris — were murdered. mer Guney was arrested as the perpetrator of the incident.

Reports indicated that Guney was a MIT agent. Based on what PKK executive Cemil BayIk told a journalist, Fidan admitted the relationship of MIT to this incident but argued that he had no prior information about it.

And in this case, we are asked not to make any comments that will put Fidan into a difficult position or to ask any questions. And we are also told that we must not question what is being discussed behind closed doors in the settlement process.

This is the new Turkey and this is the new MIT but my mother still tells me that I should be very careful of myself.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman