CAFER – Impasse in the settlement process

Impasse in the settlement processWe have been discussing the question marks in the settlement process for two years. The vast majority of people have expressed support for the possibility of achieving lasting peace in the Kurdish issue.

The ruling party has masterfully exploited peopleand#39s expectations and hopes for a peaceful settlement of this problem However, the government did not like a healthy discussion of this process in terms of how it was being carried out or shaped. This raised some questions as to whether or not the real intention of the government was peace.

The current stage of the process is not generating hope for peace, and the primary responsibility for this rests with the government.The government has not been transparent in the process.

The Kurdistan Workersand#39 Party (PKK) was convinced about a cease-fire by talks between the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and PKK leader Abdullah calan, who is serving time in prison on ImralI. As a result, the PKK ceased its violent activities and the state agreed to stop military operations.

However, behind closed doors, the government kept talking to calan alone. Was it possible to attain a lasting solution in a complicated issue where many different actors should have been allowed to take part?The ruling party and its pro-government media referred to every criticism and warning on the settlement process as treason.

Those who raised some criticisms against the process were strongly accused of being opponents of achieving peace. Political parties, civil society organizations and other relevant actors were excluded from the process in addition, even the involvement of the Peoplesand#39 Democratic Party (HDP) in the process was limited because the role attributed to this party is limited to serving as a transmitter of messages between ImralI and the headquarters of the PKK in Kandil.

The most recent Kobani protests once again confirmed that the ruling party does not like talking to anybody other than calan. They want to control the pro-Kurdish movement via calan this is the most visible goal.

For a long time no violent confrontation took place in the settlement process. However, the PKK kept recruiting new militants and expanded its control in urban areas.

The PKK also revived the sentiment that their supporters should be ready for a war It could be said that the PKK has used this settlement process as an opportunity to expand its sphere of influence and become stronger Taking part in the elections in an environment where there is no violent confrontation might be a good tactic for the Justice and Development Party (AKP), but it is obvious that this is not real success.There is still no officially declared roadmap for the settlement process however, pro-government media reports indicate that the government is seeking to disarm the PKK and eliminate it.

Is this what we mean by settlement and peace? Is the Kurdish issue all about the PKK? And is it reasonable to believe that the PKK would lay down its arms given the recent developments in Iraq and Syria? If you respond to these questions in the affirmative, then you are unaware of the Kurdish issue and you do not know the PKK.Even though Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu and government spokespeople make statements where they note that the process is still moving forward, sadly, there is no process at all.

Failing to be transparent and not creating mechanisms to ensure the involvement of different actors were the greatest impasses in the process.In fact, there is still a chance for peace there has to be.

There is, if the actual goal is peace.I will continue writing on this subject.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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