CAFER – Fidan gets appreciation no matter what he does

Fidan gets appreciation no matter what he doesHakan Fidanand#39s decision to resign from his post as undersecretary of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) to run for a deputyship in the elections attracted a great deal of attention. This was actually something huge.

But his decision to give up on politics took the debate to another dimension. But of course, the media does not intend to understand or discuss this matter This provides an interesting picture of Turkey.

The day MIT Undersecretary Fidan resigned from his post to run for deputy on the Justice and Development Party (AKP) lists, the pro-government columnists and writers hailed this decision and move. Fidan was the close confidant of President Recep Tayyip ErdoIan, so he could not have made this decision by himself.

If the chief endorsed it, then this move should have been applauded.But President ErdoIan stated that this was not a decision he endorsed this statement raised some confusion.

The initial reaction of the pro-government columnists and writers was to delete or erase the tweets where they hailed this move and to pay greater attention to what ErdoIan would have to say about the matterThese columnists and writers preferred full silence when ErdoIan said he would not welcome Fidanand#39s decision and that he was actually offended by this move. However, there were comments suggesting that Fidan had the support of Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu and that DavutoIlu wanted to have Fidan on his side in order to gain greater strength vis-andagrave-vis ErdoIan.

So these comments suggested that ErdoIan was getting lonely in his palace. And in fact, ErdoIan said he felt alienated after Fidanand#39s resignation.

And normally, these are not comments that the pro-government media would stay silent about. But what could they say? If they were given a sign, they were ready to stage strong opposition against DavutoIlu, Fidan or even the andquotparallel structure.

andquot But instead, they did not make bold statements, other than suggesting that this was not a big deal and that it was just a family matterIn the end, ErdoIan showed his strength Fidan realized that DavutoIlu would not be able to act as a separate and independent actor vis-andagrave-vis ErdoIan. The resistance and strength of DavutoIlu and Fidan was broken when ErdoIan invited former President Abdullah Gul to become a deputy.

And finally, Fidan reversed his decision and returned to his former post as undersecretary of MIT.The pro-government media outlets and commentators who hailed Fidanand#39s previous decision also commended his decision to return his former position.

This has been a good example of what criteria the pro-government media outlets and writers rely on when they do their job. The decision of the head of the intelligence agency to get involved in politics is a decision that should be questioned.

As noted by Republican Peopleand#39s Party (CHP) leader Kemal KIlIdaroIlu, if the prime minister is made an ineffective figure in a country, this should be thoroughly investigated and questioned.It is not good journalism, reporting or broadcasting if some interesting developments are happening which suggest that the top figures of the state do not trust each other and are not questioned.

Will these persons who call themselves journalists or commentators, despite the fact that they failed to question this process and cover it properly, be able to say that Fidan, after his decision to reverse the process, has become a puppet in ErdoIanand#39s hands?Both the strength and weakness of the order that ErdoIan has created is the media he controls and the militant commentators employed in this media This media is ErdoIanand#39s strength because they still have the talent to deceive the people. But it is also his weakness because they are wrong.

What connects them is the common interest and partnership of criminality. And no injustice persists forever.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman