CAFER – ErdoIan no longer ‘alone’

ErdoIan no longer ‘alone’National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Undersecretary Hakan Fidan resigned from office and applied to run for Parliament as a member of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). Given the fact that he was the head of the intelligence organization, this move would undoubtedly trigger polemics in the political scene.

Indeed, people have been commenting on the meaning of Fidanand#39s move.President Recep Tayyip ErdoIan apparently didnand#39t approve of Fidanand#39s resignation and move to become a deputy, repeatedly noting his disappointment with Fidanand#39s attitude.

There was an important detail in ErdoIanand#39s remarks about Fidan. andquotI will continue to fight the parallel structure even if I stay alone,andquot ErdoIan said.

His andquoteven if I stay aloneandquot emphasis was clearly directed at Fidanand#39s resignation.ErdoIan is a president.

We know that after he became president, he continued to exert total control over the government and the AKP. He does this at the expense of undermining the authority of Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu.

He presides over the National Security Council (MGK) meetings. He meddles with the watchdogs of the economy, particularly the Central Bank of Turkey (CBT), and continues to control the pro-government media outlets.

A person with such extensive power and authority said he felt alone after the MIT undersecretary resigned from office. Does that sound strange?Well it shouldnand#39t, because ErdoIan has been at the helm of the country via the MIT.

He is guided by intelligence reports. He thinks and acts like an intelligence officer, not as a politician.

After he became president, he started to increasingly rely on MIT.A politician is supposed to act with his voters in mind.

He tries not to make mistakes that will cost him a decrease in electoral support. He takes the legal system into consideration in his moves.

The president represents the unity and integrity of the country. The president ensures harmony and cooperation among state bodies.

The president encourages politicians to consider the countryand#39s interests and steps in to settle potential rifts among politicians. These provisions are clearly stated in the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey.

On the other hand, an intelligence officer thinks differently due to the very nature of this duty. He seeks to andquotknowandquot everything.

He sees knowledge as a means of andquotpowerandquot and uses it as such. He nurtures andquotsuspicionsandquot about events and facts.

He calculates possibilities and assumes position accordingly. His perspective regarding any person is not andquotnormal.

andquot He believes that everyone can be working for andquotsomeone else.andquot He cannot develop normal friendships with people.

If he is guided by a andquotthreat or dangerandquot concept, everyone is a potential source of andquotthreat or dangerandquot Therefore, an intelligence officerand#39s perspective is a bit paranoid.Indeed, Fidanand#39s decision to enter politics was criticized from this perspective.

If Fidan had become a deputy or prime minister, how could he have acted as a politician as an intelligence-centric person? How could he establish andquotnormalandquot relationships with people or institutions in domestic or foreign policy?It can be argued that Fidan decided not to seek a political career because of these criticisms, but we know it didnand#39t happen that way. He abandoned his quest for a political career because ErdoIan publicly said that he was disappointed by Fidanand#39s resignation.

And he was reassigned as the MIT undersecretary in a flash..

Now, Turkeyand#39s intelligence organization is being managed by a person who seeks a political career with the AKP.But what matters most is that ErdoIan should not feel alone.

Weand#39re not surprised by anything anymore.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman