Cacharel to bring womenswear to Turkey with 2015 season


World-renowned French fashion brand Cacharel, which sells its menswear through retailer Aydınlı Group in Turkey and eight other countries, will expand its cooperation with the group to include women’s fashion with its Spring 2015 collection this coming June, Cacharel’s 82-year-old owner Jean Bousquet has said.

Bousquet, who created the brand in 1962 in Nîmes, made his comments on a trip to İstanbul to open a new store in the city’s high-rise Zorlu Center, a hot-ticket *** shopping center in the Levent neighborhood. Before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Bousquet addressed the press with Aydınlı Group General Manager Levent Özkan.

“The time has come for Turkish women to meet the clothes of Cacharel,” Bousquet said, adding that his company is working with Aydınlı to this end. “Whatever in France is female fashion will be in Turkey. We will make the first presentation in end-June. The products will be entirely imported from France, but we will adopt a pricing policy to make our products affordable here,” he said.

He said the Aydınlı Group performs a significant role for the company as it is responsible for about 20 percent of the brand’s annual turnover. “Aydınlı Group is Cacharel’s only partner in the world in the menswear category. We do not share our brand rights with any other company and this cooperation has evolved into a very important phase since it was established in 1995. Our relationship with Aydınlı is expanding every passing year in countries outside Turkey. It is hard to find a partner like Aydınlı,” said Bousquet, adding that if both companies decide that expanding the partnership to encompass all Cacharel operations worldwide is in their mutual interests, they may consider this as well.

Özkan, in a presentation, said that Aydınlı retails a number of fashion brands from different parts of the world and is operating in 50 countries including Turkey. The turnover from the group’s Cacharel stores was TL 117 million in 2013 and this year, this figure will likely rise by up to 20 percent, he said. Özkan also said that Aydınlı will open 11 new Cacharel stores, four in Turkey and seven abroad, mostly in Russia. Thus, the total number of its Cacharel stores will climb to 66 from 55.