Business world embraces results, calls for strong coalition

As the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) failed to garner the requisite number of votes for single-party rule in Sundayand’s election, business leaders have underscored the urgency of a robust coalition government, proclaiming respect for the preferences of the voters.
The results of the June 7 general election yielded an inclusive parliamentary arithmetic in which the 13-year-long stand-alone administration of the AK Party came to an end and where one more party obtained enough votes to pass the election threshold. While prominent economy experts from almost all parties in Turkey managed to get elected, Ali Babacan, an anchor of investor confidence under the AK Party, was left out of Parliament.
The countryand’s leading business organization, the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmenand’s Association (TanduSiAD) has welcomed the results of a much-anticipated general election and called on all political parties in Parliament to collaborate in bid for a robust coalition government.
In a statement on Monday TanduSiAD highlighted its respect for the results and said: and”As a consequence of poll results, the votersand’ will did not give a majority vote to political parties to form a single-party government. We hope our parties close ranks around national interests in accordance with the culture of compromise as required by democracy.and” Underlining that the country experienced tension and polarization this year, unlike pre-election periods in previous years, TanduSiAD maintained that confidence in both the economy and the country can be sustained by free thought, inclusiveness, the rule of law and common sense. and”We believe the environment of trust will solidify with transparency [and] accountability along with [the] effective presence of civil society,and” TanduSiAD said, expressing hopes that a government will be established through the support of all parties in Parliament.
TanduSiAD has long been the target of top state officials, including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for its alleged alliance with and”foreign powersand” to topple the government.
Ganduler Sabanci, the chairwoman of leading Turkish conglomerate Sabanci Holding said: and”Turkish voters willed to establish a four-party Parliament. It is crucial step towards peace and reconciliation.and” In a statement on Monday Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB)hair Rifat Hisarciklioilu also remarked on the results.
Underlining Turkeyand’s need for economic and structural reforms, Hisarciklioilu said, and”Otherwise, domestic uncertainties would not be positive for Turkey in an environment where the global economic situation has already been replete with uncertainties.and” and”Not ignoring that we are in the same boat, we can deal with all our problems with common sense, dialogue and in consensus. andhellip We expect that everyone will get right what message our nation has sent and to look out for national interests,and” Hisarciklioilu said, suggesting that his union supports a coalition government among all after-election scenarios.
Anadolu Holding Chairman Tuncay andOzilhan stated: and”After a profoundly tough period, citizens declared their opinion and this points to a coalition. Democracy has won so everyone should respect it. After a tense period, it is needed to establish a government that may resolve Turkeyand’s problems. It is important to form the government and adopt democratic and economic reforms as soon as possible.and”
Kibar Holding Chairman Ali Kibar, on the other hand, pointed to possible uncertainty during the years of coalition or conditional support granted by opposition parties to the government and called on all parties to act responsibly.
Turkish Exporters Assembly (TiM) President Mehmet Banduyandukekii also said TiM considers both economic and political stability important.
and”Everyone should respect the emerged coalition. The coalition is of the utmost importance to adopting a reform agenda. All [political party] leaders should assess the results very carefully,and” Akfen Holding chairman Hamdi Akin noted.
Considering possible scenarios after Sundayand’s election, Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association (iHKiB) President Hikmet Tanriverdi said a snap election would drag Turkey into economic chaos. and”Either a minority government or a two-party coalition are the most highly possibilities,and” Tanriverdi remarked.
Dumankaya iniaat Chairman Ali Dumankaya also agreed that a coalition is the best option. and”I guess a robust coalition would be beneficial. [andhellip] A strong coalition government will not have side effects on the economy,and” Dumankaya stressed.
The Aegean Exportersand’ Union (EiB) released a statement on Monday in which the chairman Sabri andunlandutandurk assessed the vote results. andunlandutandurk said political parties should lend an ear to the votersand’ call for cooperation. Underlining that Turkish exports have been dropping for the last seven months, andunlandutandurk said the agenda, hereupon, must be the economy.
h2h2 h2Tourism sector underlines warning to AK Partyh2
Media reported on Monday that Turkish Association of Travel Agents (TanduRSAB)hairman Baiaran Ulusoy said: and”The citizens made their choice and sent a warning. Politicians need to sit and compromise from now on. Because the nation no longer wants to [see] fights.and”
Smilarly, Turkish Hotelier Federation (TanduROFED) President Osman Ayik said the politicians should assess the results very carefully and added, and”[The results] would be positive for the economy if The message [sent via the election] would be understood.and”
The Anatolian Lionand’s Business Association (ASKON) also said: and”It is not hard to understand that the voters wanted to give a warning to the ruling party. [But] the results, which will dent stability, are challenging for us.and”
Turkish Tradesmenand’s and Artisansand’ Confederation (TESK) President Bendevi PalandandOken, in the meantime, said business spheres would prefer the timely establishment of a government that ignores previous harsh discourse and prioritizes peace and tranquility.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman