Business leaders call on new Parliament to reduce tension, restart reforms

Following Sundayand’s general election, Turkish business associations have called on all political parties in Parliament to decrease the tension in society and returns to a new reform agenda with regard to the economy.
Five months after an inconclusive parliamentary vote on June 7, Turks cast their votes again on Nov. 1, deciding to give one party a majority to form a single-party government. Having lost its majority on June 7, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) regained its majority in Sundayand’s snap election, with three opposition parties winning well under half of the parliamentary seats in total. Business representatives have since called for an end to the polarization of Turkish society and for urgent reforms to help Turkey overhaul the wrecked investment climate in the country.
In a statement on Monday, the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmenand’s Association (TanduSiAD) said that the Turkish business world expects the new government and Parliament to end the social polarization that has for months dominated Turkey and spark reforms to ensure well-administered state bodies and an investment atmosphere open to competition and development. and”We hope that the new Parliament will work in a way to expand the realms of freedom, step up democratic standards, empower the rule of law and enhance the level of welfare,and” the TanduSiAD statement read, congratulating the four parties that managed to pass the election threshold to achieve representation in the Parliament.
Nearly a month after the June 7 election, in which the pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) gained enough support to pass the 10 percent election threshold, the Turkish military and the terrorist Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) resumed clashes, with the violence claiming hundreds of lives. Successive bomb attacks that the government said were perpetrated by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants killed some 150 people over the same period. This resulted in a polarized atmosphere in which those who supported the government were described as supporters of stability by the pro-government media, while all others were portrayed as traitors and terrorists.
The International Investors Association (YASED) said on Monday that political parties should now work in cooperation to prevent terrorist attacks and secure social peace, adding that the government should take urgent steps to restart economic reforms.
Hailing the AK Partyand’s increased share of the vote, the Independent Industrialists and Businessmenand’s Association (ManduSiAD) said that the Turkish public had called for a return to a stable economy, which was interrupted between the two elections.
The Turkish Confederation of Employersand’ Unions (TiSK) also stressed economic concerns, saying in a statement: and”Our expectation from the government is that it creates solutions to address societyand’s concerns. Letand’s focus on our job. The government should prioritize the much-ignored economy and work life.and”
In a statement on Monday, Istanbul Chamber of Industry (iSO)hairman Erdal Bahandcivan said the result was an opportunity for the Turkish economy to return to center stage.
Ganduler Sabanci, the chairwoman of leading Turkish conglomerate Sabanci Holding, noted: and”We need to enter a new period that is primarily based on peace and reforms. There is no time to waste.and”
The Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) also underlined the need for reforms, saying: and”We have just left the busy election agenda behind. andhellip Turkey should now utilize this chance and focus on economy and reforms.and”
Evaluating the results on his Twitter account, izmir Chamber of Commerce (iZTO) President Ender Yorgancilar said, and”The priorities of the new government should be economy and stability, as well as reducing social tensions.and”


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